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juice planet about us


We, Ramazan Demir and Aliye Demir, left our careers behind, in 2008 in İstanbul; we already departed for İzmir by packing up when we decided to raise our son named “Ege” in Aegean region…

There had to be a new life and a new job for us. We had to commune with mother nature, we could combine healing power of nature and convert that into the products those can create benefit and meet those products with everyone who needs it. This desire of ours caused to create the idea of Juice Planet that is the most tasty, healthy and natural fruit of our return to İzmir…

Surely, we had difficulties as any other investor, something did not go as we planned, and even nothing went as we planned. We tested every difficult stages of managing own work and permanent employee life. Our journey to create a sector, in a field where no one tried before, also where there was no awareness as much as today, for branding a nutrition and life style, was completely like the movie named The Pursuit of Happyness, a Will Smith movie.

Following an intense and difficult process filled with new strategies, development, learning and practices against countless tests, research, funding and new situations, Juice Planet continued and continues its journey where it was started on a 9 m2 kiosk by developing itself and its environment.

With this passion and tenacity, today, we continue to give opportunity to meet millions of guests with healthy products and to provide employment for hundreds of people with branches close to 50 in number in the country and abroad. Thanks to the highest capacity and modern “fresh fruit-vegetable cold squeezing and shocking facility” of Turkey that we established in 2016, we provide supplier service of various national chains and many cafe/hotel brands.

We are the first and biggest Turkish Juice Bar brand in its field succeeded to give franchising to abroad. We are the only brand in the world bottling more than 40 freshly-squeezed fruit and vegetable juice and serving to everywhere in the world by not exposing them to any thermal processing and additive.

We continue to change our environment and share what we learnt, live the same passion and excitement in every ring of this big chain as what we feel in the first day in that small kiosk.