Our Milestones

The project came to our mind

Going back to İzmir
Establishment of Juice Planet
The first Mall Kiosk Concept trial
The first wheatgrass farming and sales in Turkey

The first Franchise branches in Juice Bar concept, started in Turkey
UFRAD (Franchising Association) membership
Turkey met with liquid detox for the first time

The first avenue-cafe concept started to be branched

The first franchising was given in this field (Romania)

Turkey met with frozen yogurt
Cold Plate (ice cream concept prepared in place) was tried for the first time in Turkey
It was started to be coffee-break alternative of corporate companies
Correct nutrition trainings were started for corporate company employees

Facility business management was started for the first time in Turkey within business centers, plazas and schools with “Shop in Shop” business model
We started vegetable milk products sales and use for the first time in Turkey
Packaged products sale with filling in place, sale was started in the branches

Fresh squeezing points were established in national market chains
Central production system was started to use
Our R&D department was established
Cold Press squeezing technic was started to be used
For the first time in the world, it was started to shock fresh squeezed fruit-vegetable juice and to deliver in cold chain
The first serial production was started with wheatgrass production cabinet without soil
Leasing franchising model was started to be practiced for the first time in Turkey by us

The first common healthy nutrition points were established by us in sports hall in Turkey
We started sales on our webpage to everywhere in Turkey
We started supported franchising model for women entrepreneurs
It was started to transfer a part of product sales incomes to sociale responsibility projects
It became member of Executive Board of UFRAD.

The first franchising was given for Middle East (Arabia)
“İyilik Atölyesi” (“Goodness Workshop”) that is the first sustainable sociale responsibility project of Turkey, was realized by Juice Planet
Functional water production was tested by Juice Planet for the first time in Turkey
Positioning as per fruit-vegetable juice functions was made by Juice Plane for the first time in Turkey

Contract manufacturing of various brands was started
Corporate cooperations were started in healthy nutrition project primarily in municipalities, private companies and schools
In rock sales were started in national chain channels

Sleeve package in fresh squeezed fruit-vegetable juices was tested by us for the first time in Turkey
Directly supply from manufacturer was started within the cooperations with Vodafone Akıllı Köy (Vodafone Smart Village)
Sediment recycling project was realized within the scope of waste evaluation
Our Juice TV channel started broadcasting