Social Responsibility

juice planet social responsibility

As a brand focusing nature, human and benefit, we believe that we all have responsibilities for a better world. For this reason, we became planner, founder, performer and/or support of various sociale responsibility projects.

From the establishment since today, we defend natural and healthy nutrition against the danger of Obesity; we take place in many works that will create social awareness. As it is required by the nature of our work, a big part of the things we did, carry the traces of our sociale responsibility approach.

İyilik Atölyesi (Goodness Workshop)

With this project we realized in 2017, both we had a project that we can call as “the best thing we did until now” and we provide a positive change in disadvantaged individuals with İYİLİK ATÖLYESİ turning into an infectious goodness spiral by covering thousands of people in a very short time. İYİLİK ATÖLYESİ as a “Sustainable Commercial Social Responsibility Project” is the first one in Turkey with its different structure creating its own funding.

İyilik Atölyesi official webpage :
İyilik Atölyesi Instagram account: iyilikatolyesitr

Wee assist providing awareness about healthy nutrition by gathering with people in Malls, schools and companies. Especially in schools, we organize panels and trainings with our nutritionists and experts, thanks to this; by increasing healthy nutrition awareness of youth and try to run a strategy preventive and responsible again the danger of obesity.


We evaluate our extracted sediments by sending them to Vodafone Akıllı Köy; we try to give the things coming from nature, back to the nature again. We obtain some snacks or base products from some sediments. Besides, in the periods when the weather is highly cold, we leave our sediments to İzmir Gaziemir Menderes rural area to feed animals.


We operate works for protection and health of our animal friends by having cooperations with Karşıyaka Municipality and independent animal lovers. Except sediment, we provide supports such as transferring the periodical/campaign incomes those obtained from the products that are announced to be sold with this purpose to related persons or institutions or by direct food purchasing.


We embrace sustainable development projects more than donations. For this purpose, we proud of taking place in the projects those we perform periodically with various NGOs and Associations and platforms. We aim to increase awareness with all works those we did and we will do with all types of institutions operating in various branches such as providing positive contribution to the lives of individuals with disadvantage, adding women into the society, human rights, protecting natural sources and environment, persons and regions requiring education and our children.