juice planet sustainability

SUPPLY: We provide a big part of fruits and vegetables, from villager producers and supplier performing controlled agriculture, brings them together by experts and present to our customers with their most natural form.

SQUEEZING: We squeeze stems and seeds, we protect vitamins and minerals in fibres and shells. We squeeze with a high pressured press system that we call Cold Pressed, we extract juice of fruits and vegetables together with their sediments and fibres by not practicing speed squeezing or mixture expect blended products.

RECYCLING: We evaluate our extracted sediments by sending them to Vodafone Akıllı Köy; we try to give the things coming from nature, back to the nature again. We obtain some snacks or base products from some sediments.

NATURALITY: We do not use additive and additional sugar in our products.

PACKAGING: We bottle our products by not touching and not breaking cold chain, we pay attention to use the most health options, harmless for human and nature in packaging products. We fill our products into the bottles those are produced from the safest packaging materials those not consisting any materials harmful for health and those are known as PE Polyethylene and we record them with barcode system.

PRESERVATION: We squeeze our fruits and vegetables in a cold environment, freeze with a quick shocking method in very low temperature spontaneously, we ensure that the products protect their nutritional values by protecting cold chain until consuming moment.

SHIPMENT: We send our products those we packaged with care as frozen with cold chain Cargo to everywhere in Turkey.